Becoming Magnetic & Financially Free!

I cracked the code on becoming a magnet for your dreams, goals & desires, and I want to show you how YOU can too!!


Psst...and, I know why you can't get manifesting to work for you!!

Inside Becoming Magnetic & Financially Free you will shift this and become a magnet for your dreams, goals & desire

In "BECOMING MAGNETIC & FINANCIALLY FREE" you will learn how to:

  • Uncover the subconscious beliefs that are running your day-to-day experience AND your financial experience!! 

  • How to notice in your body the habits, patterns, and beliefs that are serving you and the ones that are getting in your way! (This is key)

  • The FOUNDATIONS to manifestation and MONEY so that you ACTIVATE your magnet!!

  • Implement these foundations into your day-to-day life (I'm going to show you how to do this) so that you become magnetic AND financially free!!

  • Be and stay in the state of receiving, so that you can take inspired action and allow everything to fall into place without force. 

  • Use my secret tool so that you STOP feeling exhausted and like you have to "make things happen" all the time.

  • Use how you feel, like a compass, that guides you so that you can decode, decide and confidently take action knowing in your bones, that your decisions are right for you! 

And sooo much more!!

Inside this 6-month group coaching program, you will receive:

💌 Powerful move-the-needle program modules that are jam-packed with the tools, the how-tos, and the steps so that you can implement that lesson for the week!!

💌  The Money Loves You Book Club!! Yes, for those that have been asking about when I'm running the book club again, it's happening RIGHT HERE inside BEcoming Magnetic & Financially FREE!!

💌You will receive the actual tools that I use from my personal toolbox that I have learned, collected, AND implemented into my own life that plain and simply WORK!! These easy-peasy tools have been designed to FINALLY get you amazing and transformational results in your manifesting practice!!

​💌 One -of- a- kind exercises that you can only get here to dig deep and uncover the beliefs that have been silently running your life and begin to create new empowering beliefs and practices that support YOU in reaching your goals, dreams, desires, and visions.

💌 Group coaching calls to support you with implementation, questions, and the sticky places that WILL come up as you are implementing your manifesting practice into your daily life!!

💌  Voxer Support to receive coaching, where you can share wins, and celebrate, or, for when you have questions or hit a roadblock or barrier! It's another added layer of support that really brings that 1:1 feel into a group coaching program!!

💌  An amazing community filled with like-minded folks who like you, are learning how to unblock the barriers to their abundance. It's also a great place to receive coaching, reflect, share, and celebrate all of the synchronicities, manifestations, MONEY, and wins you will be experiencing. 

💌 You will also learn how to be in a loving and lasting relationship with the energy of money!! When you do this you will see all the ways ( that you have previously been missing) money works, its role in your life, and how it IS connecting you with your money requests!

💌  You will learn EXACTLY how to make money requests and how to receive them with ease!!

💌PLUS, as a BONUS you will receive my Invoice To The Universe that has helped me and my clients manifest over $75,000.00 cash to date!!! I'm including it for you for FREE! 

💌PLUS, as a bonus you will receive my Attitude For Gratitude 21-Day Challenge!! Ya'll I don't start my day unless I have done my gratitude practice!! I show you how and why it is so important in the 21-day challenge that I hosted.

💌PLUS,  A Fast-Action Bonus: Make Your Money Manifesting Request Deep Dive 1:1 intensive with me!! Why wait for the program to start? Let's get you rocking and rolling with the steps to manifest your money request so you can get a jump start uncovering YOUR money blocks that are getting in the way!!

Inside this powerful 6-month group coaching program you will receive an insane level of support so that you can create the lifelong transformation that will EMPOWER YOU and support you in reaching your dreams, goals, and desires AND become FINANCIALLY FREE!!

Are you ready to become a MAGNET for your dreams, goals, and desires, AND FINANCIALLY FREE? 

We get started on Monday, May 22nd!!

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Client Love!!

15 Modules

Week 3: Expect It & It Will Show Up!

Week 5: How To Make Crystal Clear Money Requests!

Week 7: Receiving

Week 9: Following Your Intuition

Week 11: Pattern & System Interruptor (Nervous system)

Week 13: Receiving Part 2

BONUS: Making Sacred Space For YOU!!

Modules for this product 15
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